Independent Living

Planning an Aged Adult Future

Aging is an irreversible time transition. Even though you take steps and eat healthily, exercise
regularly, and manage stress, you will eventually get old. It is necessary to think about financial
and medical issues one will face when they get older.

Think of Estate Planning

Estate planning is a practice that enables someone to specify how their money and property will
be managed during their old life or after their death. In most cases, it directs on the type of
medical care one would like to have if they will not be able to communicate.

What Happens In Case There is no Estate Planning?

If no documentation is showing the aged wishes, decisions are made without their input.
Medical decisions will be made by the surviving relatives, hospital, or the treating doctors.
These choices may not match your desires or wishes.

Choosing Between Assisted and Independent Living

The choice will be determined by the ability of the older individual to manage their daily
endeavors. For you to make an appropriate decision, you have to understand what each
program entails.

When is Assisted Living Suitable?

It is an option suitable for people with difficulties to manage their daily activities. They receive
regular support, such as meal preparation and cleaning. Moreover, such individuals enjoy peace
of mind since they lead a maintenance-free lifestyle.

When is independent living Suitable?

It is suitable for individuals who can manage to live on their own. However, they can assess the
necessary assistance whenever they require it.

Which is the Best?

Assisted living is not exclusively for those who are sick. In the same case, independent living is
not only meant for those with perfect health conditions. The best decision will depend on the
health condition and needs of the elderly person.