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Engage the Mind at Home

At Elder Manage Care we encourage an active mind. Any creative exercise reviving memories from your lifetime including your childhood, family history, career, parenting, meaningful professional and personal relationships, and your personal words of wisdom are all part of your cherished past and legacy.  Happily expressing oneself happens via countless creative outlets. A few listed below, but anything is possible.  New experiences help build new pathways in the brain, keeping an aging mind as healthy, satisfied and engaged as possible. 

Creative Services Menu


Putting the story of your life into words is never easy—there are so many moments to remember, so many years to ponder and untangle, so many relationships to carefully preserve. Above all, your story and memories are worth preserving, and Elder Manage Care is here to help you get all of your experiences down on the page. Our staff of editors is ready to work with you one-on-one through every step of the process: from recollection and idea generation, through the creative journey of writing it down, and on through the editing process so that in the end you come away with a polished story all your own to keep or to share with your family members, caregivers, friends, and loved ones. Elder Manage Care plans can be tailored to your specific needs depending on the type of creative support you desire, with a wide range of services available, including, among others: editing, revision, proofreading, writing practice, creative conversation, author mentorship, peer workshops, organization help, and ghostwriting.


Video Interviews

Tell your family story in person. Share memories and words of wisdom that family members decades from now can enjoy and learn from. Our professional filmmakers will tape and edit together the meaningful moments to create chapters of your life edited into a story form for this most valuable of keepsakes. 


Virtual Reality Travel

Virtual Reality is here to stay. Elder Manager Care brings the experience of travel right to your home. Dive deep into the oceans depths to our most unexplored part off this planet, hike far into the largest rain forest for lunch while listening to the pitter patter of the droplets falling down thru the jungle leaves or fly into the clouds and over the majestic mountain tops all from the comforts of home. We provide a virtual reality experience for those who can travel in their minds and are not able to travel by foot.



Have an instrument you used to play? Would you enjoy hearing or playing the instrument or teaching someone else what you know and remember?  



With countless art mediums and ways to enjoy getting your hands dirty, dabble in a new art form or revive a practice that brought you great passion. Either way, Elder Manage Care can help facilitate a safe and joy-filled experience to create art pieces once again. 



There’s a dancer inside all of us, even if confined by a wheelchair, there truly are no limits or boundaries to the joy of moving to the music you most love and enjoy.



Professional or shower novice, sing your heart out to your favorite tunes or softly hum along to a broadway musical that’s dear to your heart. Hear someone sing to you, if that is your desire. 



There are no limits to the imagination. Other activities may include:


  • Creating a Personal Timeline

  • Look through Photographs & Organize into a Book

  • Revisit Newspaper Clippings

  • Call & Write Old Friends

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